Dog Coats and Sweaters

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We have been fortunate to be able to source a limited number of bespoke pure Australian wool sweaters handknitted in the Southern Highlands by designer Made By Me.  These sweaters are available in aran pattern, or with a pocket (for carrying the all important shopping list, or clean up bags). A range of colours is available, so please ask when you contact us. 

Aran sweaters are priced at $120, sweaters with pocket are priced at $100.

Our dogs have worn the same wool sweaters for more than 10 years each.  We prefer wool for its qualities of retaining warmth when wet, being fire resistant, and not carrying odour.   Our dogs are keen to have their sweaters put on each night, and show no signs of being bothered by them even from the first wear.  The enclosed chest keeps our dogs warm from below, and being kept warm in winter will generally help them to age better as well as reducing the amount of food needed in colder months.


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Robyn Hanney

Metropolis Hungarian Vizslas


M:  0410 60 4238


Note:  Due to being involved in numerous activities each day, email is a more reliable method for contacting us than mobile phone.  We generally respond within 24 hours.