Metropolis Honorer Hallelujah

Metropolis Honorer Hallelujah is a second generation Metropolis, from the first litter of Ch Metropolis Avant Tout and BIG Ch Metropolis Beaucoup Monsieur (AI).

She has started her career with promising wins in sweepstakes classes at All Breeds level, and second places at Canberra and Purina Sydney Royals 2017, and the Hungarian Vizsla Club of NSW Specialty Show in April 2017, to Metropolis Glisser Choosy Miss.  Hallelujah combines the best of her father with the best of her mother physically and in temperament and personality.  She is a playful, loving, easily managed girl with a sense of humour.  At 7 months her size is towards the lower end of the breed standard.

We look forward to campaigning her and seeing what her future holds.

Contact Details

Robyn Hanney

Metropolis Hungarian Vizslas


M:  0410 60 4238


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