Metropolis Hungarian Vizslas is a small kennels.  Originally established on Sydney’s upper North Shore, after 3 years of regular travel down the south coast, we relocated near Jervis Bay in 2015, to acreage with more extensive facilities. Breeding is our passion, not our profession.

First registered for breeding in July 2010, the principal of Metropolis, Robyn Hanney, had decades of experience at Australia's premier commercial law firm, before reskilling and pursuing other interests. She has owned and been involved with the breed since 1999.

Robyn was mentored for 3 years by one of Australia's most successful and well known breeders, Brian Neaves, who with his wife bred Kimlise Hungarian Vizslas at the property we now occupy.  For several years she worked collaboratively with America's youngest ever Breeder of Merit, Michelle Porfido of Rhapsody Hungarian Vizslas, including providing 2 bitches to Rhapsody. to be used  exclusively to improve the breed in the United States, and importing bloodlines not known in the Southern Hemisphere from Rhapsody.  

Robyn endeavours to bring a professional approach to all her dealings.

Metropolis breeds for easy going temperament and English type, and proudly continues the bloodlines of Kimlise Hungarian Vizslas. Like Kimlise, we aim to produce excellent companions with temperament and conformation conforming to the English breed standard, able to perform as working gundogs if desired.

While our dogs have been very successful in the show ring, with in Show wins at both All Breeds and Specialty shows, we aim to nourish all aspects of their gun dog character. Our dogs live as pets and in kennels. When based in Sydney, during Robyn's demanding legal career, they enjoyed 45 minutes running per day with her, 3 - 5 times a week, plus whatever outings could include them.  These days, they enjoy hours free in our yards and in our home, taking advantage of our bespoke facilities, as well as outings to Sydney and otherwise.

Certain standards of behavior have always been expected of Metropolis dogs, and to that extent any interaction with our dogs is a training exercise. Metropolis dogs are deliberately permitted to act as dogs, rolling in manure, swimming in dams, hunting through grass, and following interesting smells. Their living arrangements have deliberately been designed to provide stimulation and to enable them to nourish their vizsla passions.  We have a dedicated animal attendant to provide our dogs with additional human companionship and care, and a professional Master Builder helps us to implement our bright ideas for canine facilities.

Our dogs flourish on a philosophy of consistent discipline, plenty of exercise, and affection incidental to both. We do not believe in punishment after a dog has acted, but in correction and redirection while a dog is acting, in order to guide it to find the desired action for itself.

Our pups are exposed to a range of stimuli.  Significant hours are invested in each pup, preparing them to deal with the world they are about to enter. We also deliberately expose our dogs to a range of social situations (human and canine), which enables us to be confident of their behavior in most circumstances.

Metropolis breeds in order to provide good dogs for good homes. There is generally a waiting list for pups, but at times there may be dogs who need to be rehomed. Metropolis aims to place vizslas in the home best suited to each dog, and to provide buyers with the vizsla best suited to them.  See the page "PUPPIES" on this website for more information about our approach.

Due to the hundreds of hours already involved annually in showing and breeding activities, Metropolis only updates this website occasionally.

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Robyn Hanney

Metropolis Hungarian Vizslas

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M:  0410 60 4238


Note:  Due to being involved in numerous activities each day, email is a more reliable method for contacting us than mobile phone.  We generally respond within 24 hours. 

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