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About Us

While Metropolis is a hobby breeder, we put considerable effort into improving the quality of our dogs in each successive litter, and in testing those dogs' physical structure, movement and temperament by showing.

Metropolis dogs combine English bloodlines from Pitswarren kennels (considered by many around the world to be one of the most successful Hungarian Vizsla kennels ever) with bloodlines vaunted as amongst Australia’s best, including Hanafor, Hubertus, and Tanashka. Some of our dogs also have bloodlines from the famed US kennels, Russet Leather, and some have bloodlines from the successful New Zealand kennels, Ponsonby. Due to our considerable efforts in researching pedigrees before breeding, and importing semen, Metropolis dogs contain healthy bloodlines that no other kennels in the Southern Hemisphere have. 

Metropolis proudly continues the Kimlise bloodlines made famous by Brian Neaves.  Our bloodlines are founded on the well known Australian Champion bitch, Ch Kimlise Solway Mist,  her mother, Ch Pitswarren Esther, and Ch Pitswarren Judah (Imp UK).  More directly, our dogs are founded on Ch Pitswarren Picasso (Imp UK).  Information about each of our dogs, including Ch Pitswarren Picasso (Imp UK), is included on the webpage for each dog.  The significance of a particular dedicated linebred bloodline is predictability of behaviour and development, and consistency of temperament and structure.  We know only one other vizsla breeder in Australia who linebreeds as consistently as we do.

The only 2 other breeders in the world with our bloodlines are both in the Northern Hemisphere.  One of those breeders is the origin of our bloodlines, who is considered one of the world’s leading Hungarian Vizsla kennels, Pitswarren Hungarian Vizslas in the UK.  In 2015 we provided 2 bitches to a North American breeder to help provide fresh healthy genetic material exclusively to the United States of America.  

In 2019 one of our dogs broke the UK record, becoming the youngest ever vizsla to win a Challenge Certificate in the UK, winning Best of Breed under breed expert Mrs Sharon Bergin (UK) (Roughshoot Kennels) out of an entry of 76 vizslas at the UK's largest 2 day show, the Ladies Kennel Association.  He then won Puppy of Breed and Junior Dog of Breed at Crufts, the world’s largest dog show, in March 2020.  We bred, own and are currently campaigning his litter sister and his pedigree brother and sister.

We have invested significantly in importing fresh healthy genetic material from top winning dogs in New Zealand and the United States of America.  The culmination of our breeding program has been, for our linebred dogs, being the only breeder in the world outside Pitswarren Kennels to unite the bloodlines of the 4 Pitswarren dogs imported to Australia from the UK, and for our outcrossing program, having imported the 4th Pitswarren dog to Australia in 2020. 

All of our dogs have enjoyed show success under international and national judges. Members of our current show team finished:

  • Our dogs have been No 1 Vizslas in NSW for a number of years, including Ch Metropolis MemorialJoieDeVivre as NUMBER 1 RISING STAR IN NSW  2019,  Ch Metropolis La Tour De Force (AI) as NUMBER 1 RISING STAR IN NSW  2018Ch Metropolis Beaucoup Monsieur (AI) as NUMBER 1 VIZSLA IN NSW FOR BREED CHALLENGE 2015 (no 8 nationally), and Ch Metropolis Beaucoup Beaucoup (AI) NUMBER 1 VIZSLA IN NSW IN ALL CATEGORIES 2014 (all according to the Dogzonline Pointscore) 
  • Our dogs and their descendants have been BEST IN SPECIALTY, RUNNER UP BEST IN SPECIALTY AND BEST OPPOSITE SEX IN SPECIALTY at many Specialty Shows run by the Hungarian Vizsla Club of NSW.  Our dogs have also won MULTIPLE CLASSES IN SPECIALTY SHOW every year we have entered the Specialty shows run by the Hungarian Vizsla Club of NSW, including Best Head, Best Gait and Best Parent and Progeny.
  • Since 2014 our bitches have placed in the top 2 bitches at SYDNEY ROYAL EASTER SHOW, and since 2018 our bitches have been awarded BITCH CHALLENGE (ie best bitch) at SYDNEY ROYAL EASTER SHOW.  Our dogs have won RUNNER UP BEST OF BREED at that show in 2016, 2018, 2019 and 2021.
  • BEST OF BREED many times at the annual ROYAL CANIN SPRING FAIR under judges from countries including Slovenia, Germany, the USA and Canada.  Our dogs have also been graded FCI EXCELLENT at the Royal Canin Spring Fair in 2018 and 2019.
  • RUNNER UP BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW, BITCH CHALLENGE, and INTERMEDIATE IN SPECIALTY SHOW at the October 2019 show run by the Hungarian Vizsla Club of NSW.  Our bitches also won Best Bred By Exhibitor, Best Australian Bred, and Best Puppy Bitch.  One of our dogs won Best Head in Specialty Show, for the second time, and we again won Best Gait in Specialty Show.
  • BITCH CHALLENGE and RUNNER UP BEST OF BREED at the ADVANCE ROYAL SYDNEY EASTER SHOW in 2019 and 2021.  In 2019 Metropolis bitches won EVERY bitch class entered, and our dogs AGAIN won 2 of the 3 classes where they competed.  We were shortlisted in the top 4 Gundog Puppies for Puppy in Show.
  • BABY PUPPY OF THE DAY at the ADVANCE ROYAL SYDNEY EASTER SHOW in 2018.  Metropolis bitches won EVERY bitch class and our dogs won 2 of the 3 classes where they competed.
  • PUPPY OF BREED at the PURINA ROYAL SYDNEY EASTER SHOW IN 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019 (we did not compete in this class in 2016)
  • BABY PUPPY OF BREED at the PURINA ROYAL SYDNEY EASTER SHOW in 2017 (the first year we competed), 2018 and 2019 and BABY PUPPY OF THE DAY in 2018.  We were the ONLY GUNDOG BABY PUPPY chosen to compete for Baby Puppy in Show at the Advance Royal Sydney Easter Show in 2018.
  • BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW  April 2016,  BEST OPPOSITE SEX IN SPECIALTY SHOW October 2016 and RUNNER UP BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW at the October 2013 shows run by the Hungarian Vizsla Club of NSW

Since 2016, we have focussed on attending a limited number of shows under international or reputed gun dog judges. This means that our participation in pointscores is solely for a record of shows attended, rather than indicating how well our dogs are performing on a State or National basis.

The benefits of showing

To many pet owners, the show ring is a foreign place. Showing itself, and even training and conditioning a dog for showing, provide many benefits to owners, vets, and others who deal with dogs.

Benefits that dogs derive from showing include:

· Ability to wait in a relaxed manner. Dog shows involve long periods of relaxing with short intervals of intense action. Our dogs are happy to sleep or sit in their crates (often playing with each other) until they are needed. This easily translates to travelling and staying in cars happily, lying peacefully during conversations, and many other non-show situations.

· Sociability with children, people and other dogs. Dog shows often involve children between ages 7 – 18 borrowing a dog for junior handler classes or just wanting to interact, and a range of people and dogs being around and interacting with the dogs. By managing these experiences so that all are positive, our dogs are encouraged to be outgoing and relaxed around a range of people and dogs.

· Learning and being in unpredictable situations. While waiting at dog shows, in a range of different locations, our dogs observe happenings around them. This is much more stimulating than hanging in a back yard. As long as we oversee them to ensure no harm comes to them, exposure to different noises, sights and scents helps our dogs to relax more in the everyday world and its different environments. For the owner, shows provide the opportunity to learn from dog breeders who have had years of experience in finding practical solutions to dog situations, to share experiences with other dog owners, and possible social relationships. While social interractions for humans can be somewhat similar to the movie “Best In Show”, perseverance does enable beneficial relationships to be formed.

· Happier Vets and Dog Professionals. Show dogs need to be able to be handled by strangers and to be still while this is happening, generally standing. Their teeth are usually checked, and often their feet and nails are lifted for inspection. In Metropolis’ experience, this and consistent behavioural expectations has translated to vets being able to examine and treat our dogs easily (eg bandaging feet several times a day for long periods) and to nails being able to be checked and filed easily.

· Physical soundness. Show dogs need to be in optimum physical condition. This is achieved by good exercise adapted to developing different muscles, a good diet producing a healthy coat, avoiding excess weight, and most of all, by the dog’s happy confident mentality being reflected in its physical appearance and behavior. All of these things should be a regular part of caring for a pet. Taking care of them for showing results in you having a disciplined approach to managing your dog.

Photos and brief information about each of our dogs are set out on the page Our Vizslas, with each dog having its own page. All pedigrees may be viewed at http://www.vizsladatabase.com. The English breed standard may be viewed at http://www.vizsla.org.uk/ukbreed.htm.

According to the NSW Hungarian Vizsla Club’s health officer as of 2010, there are no known health issues in the breed in Australia. From time to time publications focus on particular health issues, and can give the impression that health issues in other breeds are health issues in the vizsla. Metropolis is aware of misleading information given by other breeders in relation to dogs they have not bred. For this reason, buyers should conduct their own investigations and rely on reputable sources of health information, such as reputable vets, researchers, publications by qualified authors, and reputable breeders who provide full disclosure as to what they do and don’t know.

Although hip dysplasia is not a recognised issue in the breed, all vizslas used by Metropolis for breeding are hip scored. We are happy to discuss that and other general health and character information with potential puppy families.

Contact Details

Robyn Hanney

Metropolis Hungarian Vizslas

E:  [email protected] 

M:  0410 60 4238


Note:  Due to being involved in numerous activities each day, email is a more reliable method for contacting us than mobile phone.  We generally respond within 24 hours.