Frequently Asked Questions

Metropolis Hungarian Vizslas is located near Jervis Bay, NSW, half an hour south of Berry. You can find more information on our ABOUT PAGE

Metropolis’ bloodlines come from some of the world’s most successful kennels and extensive research is done to match the most suitable dogs and bitches available. All vizslas descend from 9 bitches and 3 dogs registered in the stud book in Hungary in 1917, so because vizslas are a breed, all vizslas are purebred.

As a breed, vizslas are not considered to have health issues common in other breeds. Individual dogs can have issues. Metropolis hipscores its breeding stock and has had very few health issues. If we have concerns about the health of any of our dogs, we consult with vets. See the review from one of Metropolis’ vets on our ABOUT US PAGE

Yes. Metropolis works full time independent of its passion for its dogs, and can only deal with applications submitted in writing. We prefer our dogs to go to homes who have researched the breed and understand our concern to see that they have considered housing, desexing, fencing, exercise, discipline, and understand the needs of the breed.

Every interaction with a dog is training, either showing the dog that you don’t know how to manage it, or that you do. Socialisation is actually the period where pups learn to relate to other species, and occurs between 8 – 20 weeks of age. Feedback on our site speaks to how well behaved our adults are, and is visible on our FAMILY FEEDBACK PAGE. We put effort into every interaction, starting from birth. See more information on our OTHER ACTIVITIES here.

Different breeders have different views on this. We believe any vizsla is suitable for any family with children if that family understands how to manage them together. The support that we offer with our BarkBusters Master Trainer providing Zoom sessions to our families can help with this. Many of our families have children and love how their vizslas interact with them.

We provide 30 days pet insurance free of charge with Trupanion when pups go home, and provide a 12 month guarantee against congenital defects. There is no benefit to us in providing a pup or dog to anyone if it is going to make them unhappy or damage our reputation.

The best way to enquire is by applying via the Application page on this site or via email

Metropolis has been registered with Dogs NSW as a breeder since 2010, and has been involved with Hungarian Vizslas since 1999. It is registered and referred to by both the Victorian and NSW breed clubs. You can read reviews on our ABOUT US PAGE

Metropolis is a registered breeder with Dogs NSW, which is the only Australian pedigree recognised internationally. All our dogs come with Dogs NSW pedigrees.

Metropolis prices its pups near the top of the market because of the quality of its dogs, and the effort that goes into breeding and raising them. It does not price them at the top of the market because it tries to keep them accessible to families and people who appreciate a well-bred well-raised vizsla. Detailed information will be provided when you contact Metropolis and meet with them.

We are happy to meet people who are interested in our dogs at dog shows or when we are in Sydney. We are also happy for people to see our facilities, but need to take account of security and our numerous activities. Once we receive an application, we will contact you and arrange a visit from then. Many of the photos on our website show our facilities such as our BOARDING PAGE

We prefer to select our families in advance of breeding pups, and are concerned by people who need to see a photo of a dog before considering its temperament and whether they and it will be a good match. When we have pups or older dogs available, we provide photos as part of our discussions after the application process. There are many photos on our site across our DOG PROFILES and other pages.

Whether a vizsla is suitable for anyone depends on the person’s understanding of the breed and its needs, and the person’s willingness to put effort into learning to manage their dog effectively. We have had first-time dog owners who love their Metropolis vizslas. We would not recommend them to any owner who does not understand the breed.

We provide a comprehensive puppy manual and transparency in how our pups are raised before our dogs go home. We have detailed discussions with our families to ensure they understand and are comfortable with their vizsla before they take it home. Dogs NSW registered breeders are required to support dogs they have bred for life. We also include 2 Zoom sessions for each pup and its family with a BarkBusters Master Trainer who has one of our dogs, and we are available to answer questions. We want our families and our dogs to enjoy each other, so we like to help where we can. See more on OUR PUPPIES PAGE.

We offer boarding for a select number of well behaved vizslas, whether we have bred them or not. We provide a boarding agreement and request information required by the NSW Boarding Code of Practice before dogs board with us. We are able to arrange transport from Sydney if needed, at an additional cost. See more on our BOARDING PAGE.