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The Metropolis Village

Your support is invaluable to all of us at Metropolis

The Metropolis Village includes all the people mentioned in our Partners and Our Significant Moments. It also includes every person who cheers for our dogs, whether at a show ring or in general discussion in public. We appreciate all the support we receive. Breeding would not be the pleasure that it is if we did not have other people to share the pleasure.

There are numerous professionals who work closely with us, and who help us to produce what we believe are outstanding pups and outstanding support. These people and services of particular value to Metropolis include but are not limited to:

Your support is invaluable to all of us at Metropolis

Philippa Dakin BarkBusters Master Trainer for the Eurobodalla and Canberra Regions – Philippa has one of our vizslas, and has provided Zoom support for our litters since approximately 2019. She is highly regarded by our puppy families, and has an approach which mirrors our own, always interested in new information and ways to improve the services she offers.

Philippa has many more ideas and suggestions than we do due to her daily routine being working with people who need to learn to understand or manage their dogs.

Sires On Ice Calga has been an inherent part of our breeding program, storing and collecting all our semen, and providing invaluable guidance with respect to managing fertility and our breedings. We appreciate their commitment to achieving successful outcomes.

Our Vets and Reproduction Facility – Our dogs have had very few issues, so when we do see a vet outside annual vaccinations and checkups, it has been pretty serious, such as snakebite and bulging discs. We also see vets for our hip scoring. Without fail the principals at our vets have been helpful, willing to explain complex medical issues in simple terms and to answer questions patiently. Our vets include: South Coast Veterinary Services, Bomaderry Vet Hospital, Dural Veterinary Hospital

South Nowra Premium Meats – Our butcher is our sponsor, and contributes to very happy dogs (and very happy Robyn) with the quality of his meat and bones. We appreciate someone who supports our vision for excellence and innovation because it matches his own approach. Our dogs appreciate anyone who provides them with tasty bones!

A number of excellent photographers. These have included:

Sheridan Nilsson Photography – Most of our photos in all areas except showing are by Sheridan. Sheridan brings her experience from television production and styling to her photo shoots, which results in us having a very energetic session testing different props, or sessions where we do not even realise Sheridan is there taking documentary style photos. Her work is distinctive and has captured most of our most precious moments outside showing. When Sheridan decided to take her talents to Tasmania, we were lucky to be able to find a couple of other photographers who are very sensitive to and patient with our dogs.

Show Photographers – including Barbara Kilworth, Alan Seymour, Fire Photography, Ingrid Matschke and Noeleen Marmont - we depend on their photos for assessing structure and movement

Michelle Buckley Photography – Michelle has gamely leapt in to helping us with portraits and litter photos, and has a distinctive view which adds elegance and softness to each shoot she has done so far.

Ruth O’Leary of Ruthless Photography – Ruth took photos of our Avant and Honorer litters, young Swan, and later took photos of Beaucoup for her book Tails of Sydney. Ruth’s photos have both a sense of fun as well as capturing the majesty of our dogs.

David Taylor – David has an eye for dogs working in the field, and also was willing to get down and dirty taking photos of our Duet litter!

Our Master Builder – who regularly works in Sydney in high end home renovation. He is always willing to discuss our bright ideas and to identify the most practical way of realising them to improve our puppy and adult facilities.

Ben Burnett Building – Ben undertook a number of renovations progressively after we relocated to the south coast. While he was renovating our house as our home, he was also sympathetic to our vision for our kennels and the need for our facilities to be as useful for our dogs as for people. Ben always managed to capture our vision and then exceed it in what he produced.

Our local quilter and seamstress – Gini is always cheery, and always willing to consider our bright ideas for unique take homes for our pups or for coat innovations. She does a wonderful job making polarfleece quilts for our pups and sewing our polarfleece coats when we find the time to cut them out!