Ch Ponsonby Mega Star (AI)(Imp NZ)

In November 2022 we welcomed the opportunity to acquire Rigby (Ch Ponsonby Mega Star (AI)(Imp NZ).  Bred by Kath Lodge of Ponsonby Hungarian Vizslas, and titled by his former owner Janelle Willoughby, Rigby carries the bloodlines of Ch Pitswarren Judah (Imp UK) and Ponsonby dogs related to those we have bred from, but is sufficiently […]

Purple Leo

Leo’s sire is Grand Champion Kimlise Reilley Viane, the sire of the very successful Avant litter. His dam is Coquette, who is half sister to Tutti.

Leo stayed with us until he was 4 months old so that we could expose him to showing, when he went to live with an experienced couple in Melbourne from the UK, one of whom judged miniature dachsunds and bred dachsunds there.

As a pup, Leo was calm, intelligent and tractable.


Leif is another son of Coquette, sired by Opus, and has the best features of each. Contrary to his unassuming personality, Leif made an attention-grabbing debut in his show career, winning Reserve Dog Challenge and Puppy in Show at the Hungarian Vizsla Club of NSW April Specialty 2023, at the tender age of 9 1/2 months.

Leif’s owner also owns his half sister, and reports that Leif is a gentle, easy to live with dog who likes to talk. As a pup, Leif showed remarkable calm for a young dog, consistent with his sire Opus.

Leif factors into our future breeding plans.


Caesar is a beloved and very intelligent family pet. He has his mother Tutti’s movement and his grandsire Reilley’s determination, combined with a slightly lighter build than some of our dogs. The highlight of Caesar’s showing career was winning Best Head In Specialty twice at the Specialty shows held by the NSW Hungarian Vizsla Club.

One of the greatest compliments we have received is from a breeder we respect who commented that Caesar has “perfect hindquarter construction. This is really hard to get perfect, easy to get near perfect but hard to get exact.” Caesar also has perfect cat-like feet, which we use as examples of how nails should be maintained!


Snoopy is a family pet who we wanted to breed from but were unable to keep due to our numbers.

His sire is Wixten and his dam is Swan, which means he has a healthy, substantially English pedigree and an outgoing easy to manage temperament once he realises that his owner is in charge.

As of 2023, he has sired 2 litters resulting in easygoing confident pups, including Joie and the ERII litter, and factors into our breeding plans.


Wixten is similar in physique and temperament to his pedigree sister Tutti and his litter sister Luna. His pedigree is substantially English, with a healthy dose of both Ch Pitswarren Esther and Ch Pitswarren Judah.

His movement is light and effortless, and he is a medium sized dog of good substance with the famous vizsla selective hearing. As of 2023, Wixten is the sire of Snoopy, and factors into our breeding plans for the future.


Pablo is brother to our very successful bitch Tutti, and achieved significant success in his own show career, with the highlight being



Fineas is the first son of Opus who we have retained, and in addition to inheriting the outstanding conformation of his sire and his dam Beaucoup, he has a remarkably calm personality.

Like his parents, Fineas has a keen instinct for pointing birds. He likes chasing water straight out of the hose, jumping around with excitement when he first meets someone, and being patted and cuddled to the extent that he nudges the hand of anyone who stops patting him. Otherwise, Fineas is happy to lie around inside for hours at a time, not needing to play or to be the centre of attention.


We waited 10 years to import Opus, and he is worth every minute! His pedigree contains many Pitswarren dogs already in our pedigrees, Pitwarren dogs that we did not have access to previously, and fresh genetics from dogs whose conformation has been recognised internationally.

Opus’ sire Sh Ch Magnus Fortuna Pitswarren JW was the youngest ever Show Champion in the breed, titling at 12 1/2 months of age. As of 2023, Magnus has amassed 20 CCs (only 3 CCs are needed to title).


After having seen Nexus and having gladly sent him to the UK, we repeated the mating that produced him, resulting in only 2 pups being born, a dog we named Deo and his sister Hosanna. There was no question that they would be staying with us! Deo is a tractable, confident, eager to please dog, albeit not quite aware of his own strength.

His movement is often commented on by judges as always being correct, and for his effortless reach and drive. His personality is very much like his mother, Beaucoup.