Ch Ponsonby Mega Star (AI)(Imp NZ)

In November 2022 we welcomed the opportunity to acquire Rigby (Ch Ponsonby Mega Star (AI)(Imp NZ).  Bred by Kath Lodge of Ponsonby Hungarian Vizslas, and titled by his former owner Janelle Willoughby, Rigby carries the bloodlines of Ch Pitswarren Judah (Imp UK) and Ponsonby dogs related to those we have bred from, but is sufficiently […]


Fanta is a daughter from the first litter of Paloma, sired by Opus. Much of her temperament seems to come from her grandsire Picasso, who was confident that he was in control of every situation.

Fanta has a total “Look At Me” personality, and is not perturbed by noise or crowds or anything we have been able to discover!

Demonstrating far reaching reach and drive consistent with her pedigree, in her early show career Fanta has consistently placed in sweepstakes and won Baby Puppy in Group at the Lake Macquarie All Breeds Show under Mr A Hudono (Indonesia) at only her second show.


Fineas is the first son of Opus who we have retained, and in addition to inheriting the outstanding conformation of his sire and his dam Beaucoup, he has a remarkably calm personality.

Like his parents, Fineas has a keen instinct for pointing birds. He likes chasing water straight out of the hose, jumping around with excitement when he first meets someone, and being patted and cuddled to the extent that he nudges the hand of anyone who stops patting him. Otherwise, Fineas is happy to lie around inside for hours at a time, not needing to play or to be the centre of attention.


Seraphina is an eager to please, easy to manage bitch, whose rather prominent forechest, shining russet gold coat, and well angulated physique is often remarked upon.

Judges have commented on the extent of her scissor bite, while still possessing the required blunt muzzle. She is the first daughter of Opus that we bred and have retained, and attained her Australian championship easily in strong competition.

Her mother is Fire, and her manner is a pleasing blend of both her parents’ tractability.


We waited 10 years to import Opus, and he is worth every minute! His pedigree contains many Pitswarren dogs already in our pedigrees, Pitwarren dogs that we did not have access to previously, and fresh genetics from dogs whose conformation has been recognised internationally.

Opus’ sire Sh Ch Magnus Fortuna Pitswarren JW was the youngest ever Show Champion in the breed, titling at 12 1/2 months of age. As of 2023, Magnus has amassed 20 CCs (only 3 CCs are needed to title).


Hosanna is one of the most intelligent vizslas we have known. Like her sire, Picasso, she prefers to be negotiated with, rather than being told what to do!

Hosanna has a keen sense of humour, and while she is easy to handle if you realise that she is always thinking, every photo of her shows her intelligence and awareness of her environment in her expression. At home she is known for her crafty manoeuvres such as hiding until all the other dogs are put out at night, and then presenting herself as having managed to stay inside. She is also known as the peanut butter bandit, skilled in swiping peanut butter off any spoon or finger!


After having seen Nexus and having gladly sent him to the UK, we repeated the mating that produced him, resulting in only 2 pups being born, a dog we named Deo and his sister Hosanna. There was no question that they would be staying with us! Deo is a tractable, confident, eager to please dog, albeit not quite aware of his own strength.

His movement is often commented on by judges as always being correct, and for his effortless reach and drive. His personality is very much like his mother, Beaucoup.


Paloma is sister to Nexus, and is enthusiastic about everything. Paloma enjoys swimming, shoving her nose into your hand from behind, and sitting on top of you on the sofa if you let her. Like her mother Beaucoup, she is very light on her feet and has lively animated movement with notable reach and drive.

Her biggest win to date is