BISS Ch Metropolis Beaucoup Beaucoup (AI) – B

Metropolis thanks Jacqui Shaw of Shaunuff Hungarian Vizslas in Queensland for having agreed to our using her dog, Ch Shaunuff Dominic (AI), to sire the Beaucoup litter. Dominic has an impressive show record, including having won Best of Breed in 4 consecutive years at the Royal Queensland Show. Significantly for us, his maternal grandsire is Ch Pitswarren Judah of Hubertus, complimenting our other Pitswarren bloodlines.

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Beaucoup is sister to BIG Ch Metropolis Beaucoup Monsieur (AI). Her achievements as a dam are at least equivalent to her record of show wins (see UK Sh Ch Metropolis Patriarch Nexus by Pitswarren (AI), Dual Ch (T) Metropolis FanfareDe Flair CDX RE, Ch Metropolis Patriarch Paloma (AI), Ch Metropolis Benchmark Finis, Am Ch Metropolis FanfareDe Rhapsody for examples of the success of her offspring). What is interesting is that Beaucoup was not the pick bitch in her litter – she was the second pick bitch. Throughout her very successful show career (only some of her wins are listed below) Beaucoup was another reliable dog who caused competitors to give us sideward glances, with the chances being that if Tutti did not win, Beaucoup would.

Beaucoup’s personality is similar to her mother’s – independent, outgoing, confident, opinionated, very intelligent and easily trained. She is the self-appointed Metropolis Social Ambassador, and the favourite of many handlers due to her tractability. She is seemingly undaunted by bigger dogs, and is a lighter style of vizsla with good bone. Her favourite activity is breakfast, closely followed by wiggling, tail wagging, and general wrestling. Beacoup’s signature move is standing or sitting in front of a seated person, looking intently at them and waiting for them to give her a nod to indicate she is permitted to spring up and sit on their lap.

Beaucoup is exceptional in that she has very keen pointing ability, she is one of the naturally best behaved dogs we have known in 25 years, she has a keen sense of humour and fun, she prefers to be at the end of the sofa rather than sitting on top of you, and the quality of her physique is reflected in her show results. Beaucoup was one of the showiest dogs we have had, taking off to run out front as soon as you entered the show ring, setting herself up in a freestand and objecting to people trying to hold her head. She has her grandsire Picasso’s big movement which adds inches to the length of her legs when she moves. This movement has been passed on to her daughters Paloma and Hosanna. Like her mother Swan, Beaucoup appears in the pedigree of many Metropolis dogs, and will continue to do so.

Beaucoup finished 2014 as NSW’s No 1 Vizsla in all categories, and Australia’s No 2 Vizsla under 18 months (Dogzonline breed scores).

Critiques of Beaucoup include:

“4 months old. Scissor bite. Feminine head, good eye colour, ears well set and carried. Beautiful head, good angulations in front and especially behind, good forechest, good bone and feet. Tail well set. Good colour and coat….Moves very well from the side. Very nice type, very well shown.” (Judge Mr P Achtergael of Belgium, HVC NSW Specialty October 2013)

“Right size for age, right head proportion, well set ears, right eyes, right body proportion, right top line & carriage of tail, good chest for age, right feet, right rear angulation & good movement.” (Mr Claudio de Giuliani (Ita) 2014, Purina Sydney Royal Easter Show)

“Rose to the top by being a nice moderate dog, great angles, good expression, beautiful front and side gait. Has a nice balance side gait. Gait was clean coming and going. Appropriate tailset and good tail carriage” (Mrs Kathy Rust (USA), HVC NSW Specialty April 2015

“A lovely balanced bitch – everything blended well with itself. Nice curves all the way around, pleasing head, very easy balanced mover, correct bone, good ribbing, nice depth of brisket, clean on the down and back. Lovely length and arch of neck. Correct, tight, oval feet. Presented in excellent condition” (Mrs Danelle Brown (USA), HVC NSW Specialty March 2016)

Mrs K Rust (US), breed specialist, awarded Beaucoup RESERVE CHALLENGE BITCH and OPPOSITE SEX INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW at the Hungarian Vizsla Club of NSW Specialty Show – US – on 5 April 2015

Beaucoup surpassed that in March 2016, winning Metropolis’ first ever

And finally, Beaucoup’s wins at SYDNEY ROYAL EASTER SHOW include:

RESERVE CHALLENGE BITCH 2017 (Judge Mrs B Mueller (Switzerland)); and

RUNNER UP BEST OF BREED and CHALLENGE BITCH 2018 (Judge Mr S Argyon (Cyprus))

Some of Beaucoup’s other show wins include:

· Baby Puppy in Group at Nowra District Show in September 2013 under Ms S Brackman (NSW)
· Baby Puppy Bitch at the NSW Hungarian Vizsla Club Specialty Show in October 2013 under Mr P Achtergael (Belgium)
· Puppy in Group at Southern Highlands Kennel Club in October 2013 under Ms K Sneath (Vic)
· Puppy in Group at Parramatta District Kennel Club in December 2013 under Mr K Meyer (NSW); and
· Puppy in Group at Tuggerah Lakes Championship Show in January 2014 under Mr R Ogden (Qld)
· PUPPY OF BREED, Sydney Purina Royal Easter Show 2014, aged 10 months, and SHORTLISTED for Puppy in Group, under Mr Claudio de Giuliani (Italy)
· Runner Up Best in Group at Sydney Kennel Club in August 2014 under Mrs D Janssen (USA)
· Junior in Group at Junior Kennel Club in August 2014 under Sen J A Grillo (Columbia)