Ch Metropolis Benchmark Finis – D - OCST

Fineas is the first son of Opus who we have retained, and in addition to inheriting the outstanding conformation of his sire and his dam Beaucoup, he has a remarkably calm personality. Like his parents, Fineas has a keen instinct for pointing birds. He likes chasing water straight out of the hose, jumping around with excitement when he first meets someone, and being patted and cuddled to the extent that he nudges the hand of anyone who stops patting him. Otherwise, Fineas is happy to lie around inside for hours at a time, not needing to play or to be the centre of attention.

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While Fineas has a laidback calm exterior, glimmers of his mother Beaucoup’s intelligence show through. For example, in the evening, Fineas comes in with the other dogs and installs himself in a small crate in the corner of the room. When all dogs are put outside later at night to toilet, Fineas stays in his crate and nothing will get him out unless it is a late supper. This habit as earned him the nickname ‘the hermit crab’. He has also observed how Beaucoup has a sixth sense about when Robyn is going out for dinner or to Sydney, and lines up at the doorknob insisting on being taken. Fineas has begun mimicking this habit. Since he is only a young dog at the time of writing, we look forward to his character developing along with his physique, noting that our dogs are usually at their physical peak around ages 6 – 7.

Fineas is only young and has only been lightly shown, but nonetheless won:

JUNIOR IN SHOW at Albion Park Kennel Club on 4 May 2023 under breed expert Mr B Anderson (NZ)

As of 1 August 2023 Fineas is number 1 vizsla under 18 months in conformation showing in NSW. Considering that Metropolis only shows occasionally, this achievement is even more exciting.

Fineas’s show wins to date include
Baby Puppy of Breed at the Advance Sydney Royal 2022
Best Bred By Exhibitor Dog in Show at the Hungarian Vizsla Club of NSW Specialty in April 2023
Many Classes in Group