Dual Ch (T) Neut Ch Metropolis FanfareDe Flair RE CDX

Flair has made a significant contribution to demonstrating the versatility of our dogs, with her titles in conformation, obedience, tracking and rally. We intended to keep Flair for ourselves, but when Jenni Staniforth contacted us seeking a quality dog for showing, agility, obedience and companionship, she was too good a home to pass by. We have been thrilled with Flair’s relationship and success with Jenni, as well as with the litter we were able to breed with Flair, the Noels.

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Jenni reports that Flair has always been a calm, gentle and excellent companion dog (although she displays grandma Swan’s selective obedience sometimes when undertaking obedience activities and putting her own spin on them). Since her daughter Honey came into her life she has become much more lively and enjoys playing with her. When she gets wound up she has a wonderful Roo Roo deep throated growly bark which is accompanied by a funny little dance. She can even bark while holding her dumbell which would be very difficult. Tracking is her favourite activity, and she is titled at the highest possible level in that sport.