Metropolis Noel Honey Honey (AI) CCD CDX RM

The late Ian Staniforth, a noted figure in obedience and agility training, owned Honey and provided reports on her occasionally. All below information is direct feedback from Ian on Honey: “Honey is now 18 months old and is proving to be the most entertaining, companionable, and fun to have dog that I have ever owned (I have owned 3 different breeds before Honey). At 18 months she has happily embraced the principles of most exercises she will have to pass in order to gain obedience titles at the highest levels.”

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“She is quite ‘switched on’ and is curious about everything and always busy. She responds well to training, loves the running, jumping retrieving exercises. She seems to enjoy training and retains enthusiasm & focus. Once she understands what she is expected to do she does it willingly and without hesitation.

She responds well to positive reinforcement and whilst she rarely receives any scolding she does not ‘drop her bundle’ and just bounces back. In fact whilst speaking severely to her she usually wags her tail and makes it impossible to get really annoyed with her.
She is quite ‘cheeky’ and at times pushes the boundaries but seems to know when she is doing it and readily toes the line – still with a wag. Another endearing thing she does is to hold out a paw for me to hold without being taught to do this……..

As a house pet Honey is just fantastic. She has a lot of endearing behaviours, is quite obedient (but will push the boundaries occasionally!!). She is very easy to live with and when she behaves in an unacceptable manner, she seems to know she is out of line and still makes a reprimand fun. For instance if she has been told to go to bed and keeps getting out, if I go to her and wave my finger telling her to “stay there” she waves her paw back – and who could be cross at a dog that does that!!
Well, there ends my report on the best dog you have ever bred!”

Honey attained the 3 passes that she needed to earn her CDX title with ease, which Jenni Staniforth (who handled her to this title) attribute’s to the quality of her late husband Ian’s training of Honey. We wish he could have been here to do it himself.