Ch Metropolis Hosanna In Xcelsis (AI) – B - OCST

Hosanna is one of the most intelligent vizslas we have known. Like her sire, Picasso, she prefers to be negotiated with, rather than being told what to do! Hosanna has a keen sense of humour, and while she is easy to handle if you realise that she is always thinking, every photo of her shows her intelligence and awareness of her environment in her expression. At home she is known for her crafty manoeuvres such as hiding until all the other dogs are put out at night, and then presenting herself as having managed to stay inside. She is also known as the peanut butter bandit, skilled in swiping peanut butter off any spoon or finger!

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Hosanna’s personality and movement is very similar to her grandmother Swan, with a strong sense of humour, effortless reach and drive, and love of new discoveries.

Hosanna has only been lightly shown, but has won Bitch Challenge and Runner Up Best of Breed at Spring Fair 2022 and Runner Up Bitch Challenge at Canberra Royal 2022 and 2023. Since she was only born in 2021, Hosanna shows strong potential under international judges familiar with the breed.

Hosanna has a similar approach to showing as her mother Beaucoup, and is a pleasure to be around.