Ch Metropolis MemorialJoieDeVivre - B

Joie is one of the best structured dogs we have bred, and combines a loving personality with a lot of enthusiasm and joie de vivre. Joie is a very affectionate, easygoing dog. She is also very athletic and determined, and sees any hose as an invitation to leap and snap at the water. After having 2 litters, we rehomed Joie at the age of 3 ½ to take up life in Lavender Bay in Sydney. Joie was alot of fun to have around, and rehoming her was a hard decision that is part of being a responsible breeder.

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Joie was number 1 vizsla in NSW under 18 months in 2019, and won multiple Classes in Group at All Breeds Shows and Classes in Show at Specialty Shows.

She also won PUPPY OF BREED, SYDNEY ROYAL EASTER SHOW 2019 (Mrs Haruko Mizukoshi (Japan)) and was shortlisted in the top 4 Gundog Puppies.