Ch Pitswarren Magnum Opus of Metropolis (Imp UK) – D - OCST

We waited 10 years to import Opus, and he is worth every minute! His pedigree contains many Pitswarren dogs already in our pedigrees, Pitwarren dogs that we did not have access to previously, and fresh genetics from dogs whose conformation has been recognised internationally. Opus’ sire Sh Ch Magnus Fortuna Pitswarren JW was the youngest ever Show Champion in the breed, titling at 12 1/2 months of age. As of 2023, Magnus has amassed 20 CCs (only 3 CCs are needed to title).

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Opus attained his Australian title quickly, once showing resumed after covid. He has won Best of Breeds and Classes in Group with ease, and his effortless reach and drive and big movement is often remarked on, along with his correct dark brown eyes, his elegance and his kind expression.

Opus has an elegant, affectionate, gentle toy loving exterior, which conceals strong hunting instincts. If there is a bird nearby, Opus is likely to be pointing it. He is playful and easygoing, and remarkably athletic when springing in the air with excitement while running.

While we enjoy Opus’ personality, and are thrilled by his athleticism and structure, Opus brings a significant contribution to the breed by his calm, tractable demeanour and his happiness at being on his own. In a home of many dogs, if Opus is left inside while all other dogs are out, or Opus is in one room while the other dogs are in another, he is not troubled. His offspring demonstrate not only his rather prominent forechest, his lively animated movement and his striking russet gold coat, they also have a calmness and willingness to be inside simply lying on their beds during the day that we have not previously encountered so consistently.