Purple Leo

Metropolis Renaissance Man (AI) - D

Leo’s sire is Grand Champion Kimlise Reilley Viane, the sire of the very successful Avant litter. His dam is Coquette, who is half sister to Tutti. Leo stayed with us until he was 4 months old so that we could expose him to showing, when he went to live with an experienced couple in Melbourne from the UK, one of whom judged miniature dachsunds and bred dachsunds there. As a pup, Leo was calm, intelligent and tractable.

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His owner is one of our families who provides encouragement at just the right times, and her comments on Leo include:

“Such a happy dog, confident, fearless but not at all dominant with other dogs….he works the field, a socialite, has his favourites but there is a game in every dog he meets and if they can’t play he moves on…..
Never barks unless for a good reason…he obviously moves like the breeze, all power and strength. Has been picked on a few times but can stand up for himself and never fazed….the cleanest dog and has an inbuilt clock for going to bed getting up and time for food and walks. Simply the best…..”

As at July 2023 we have yet to breed from Purple Leo (his brother Orange in the litter also ended up with the name Leo!), but he factors into our future plans.