Ch Kimlise La Cygne - B

Swan’s mother is Kimlise Willow Mist (who lived til age 15 and died of stroke) and her sire is Ch Pitswarren Picasso (Imp UK). In her show career, Swan won numerous Best of Breeds and classes in Specialty Shows. She is a compact bitch of good substance, standing 54cm at the wither and weighing approximately 25kg. She enjoyed testing her handlers to see if they could get her to stand still in the show ring. Swan is a unique character, and the mood of the Metropolis dogs has revolved around Swan’s rulership since she came into our lives on 1 January 2010. Swan is extremely intelligent, self-aware yet affectionate, powerful, with a sense of autonomy that accompanies her sense of humour.

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Swan is stoic and never complains, except if she is in a crate or thinks that someone should be doing something they aren’t! She is able to climb 6 rung ladders onto loft beds, and will avoid coming down until she is ready.

Once her respect is won, she is compliant and easily managed. In December 2015 La Cygne’s excellent temperament was recognised when she qualified for the NSW Government’s Responsible Pet Ownership program. She has always been top bitch at Metropolis kennels, second only to Robyn.

We could not have been more fortunate than starting our kennels with a bitch of Swan’s temperament and calibre, and she has made managing a group of dogs in the house much easier than it would otherwise be, by her insistence on calm behaviour around her. We will never be able to replace her.

Swan is in most of our pedigrees, and was what is known as a “supermom” when she had a litter, almost objecting to any help by Robyn while whelping and keeping her pups fat, clean and happy.

Swan’s significant show wins include:
*OPEN IN SHOW at the NSW HUNGARIAN VIZSLA SPECIALTY SHOW in OCTOBER 2012 under Judge David Connolly (Ireland),
*OPEN BITCH at the SYDNEY ROYAL EASTER SHOW 2012 under Judge Edd E. BIvIn (USA), and