Feedback On Our Dogs

Feedback received during 2020 from Metropolis families

Metropolis Uniques – whelped 6 July 2020

Thank you so much for all the work you do, although we understood this, it became completely obvious when we received Zephyr. 

We had some friends over who also own Vizslas and they too commented on her temperament and manners and how intelligent she is. To be honest they and us too are amazed. - P.C

Churchill is such a beautiful animal. The number of people who stop me and ask me about him and where he is from is quite incredible. They are not the usual type of people either, who are just interested in a "cute" puppy. They are dog people who are admiring him as a fine specimen. – C.B.

Metropolis Triomphe – whelped 9 May 2020

Have had the best weekend. Monash sat like this for the whole of Oz tag training, by choice…. Both cats have now accepted him. He has picked one spot in the yard for toileting, he is sleeping through the night and has made everyone who meets him fall in love with him!  I can not thank you enough for all the work that has gone in to producing such an amazing dog. - D.M. (Vet).


Metropolis Quest – Whelped 5 June 2019

She is the most friendly and social girl. I cannot imagine life without her. When I’m at work I look forward to plunging my face into her lovely furry warm neck and having a proper snuggle. It’s the best way to end a day.  When people ask me about her and her breeder, I cannot praise you enough. You do such a wonderful job and I imagine, sometimes, not always thanked for it. So thank you. – H.K.


A Metropolis dog sent overseas to an internationally regarded kennels

We can't believe how relaxed and happy he was when he came through the quarantine station door.

You have socialised him so well that the journey does not seem to have bothered him at all.

He is gorgeous, a lovely head and expression and so affectionate, we are in awe of his fabulous personality.

The biggest compliment I can pay you is to say he feels just like one of ours, it's as if he was born here he is so relaxed with us.


Jenni  Staniforth, former breed information of the Hungarian Vizsla Club of Victoria

I have owned Vizslas for 30 years and Metropolis has the best facilities for raising puppies that I have seen.  Robyn has a puppy raising program second to none because her puppies are exposed to a huge variety of experiences, stimuli, environments and situations.  Her dogs learn how to live in kennels, large grassed areas and in the house thus experiencing the best of all worlds.  Her adult dogs interacting with the pups (and correcting them where needed) helps to teach them appropriate canine behavior.  She also teaches the puppies to spend time in crates before they leave at 8 weeks. 

I cannot speak highly enough of how Robyn raised the puppies from my bitch that returned to her for a litter.  We have a daughter, Honey, from our bitch and her temperament is bold, strong and confident. She is affectionate, smart and compliant yet cheeky and full of fun.  In the puppy class at our obedience club Honey was always pointed out as the best example of good behaviour because she knew how to interact correctly with the other puppies.  She knew how to submit when appropriate and how to play with other puppies without dominating them.

Many people expect Vizsla puppies to be crazy, over the top and hard to manage and often out of control.  Metropolis puppies are not like this; they are calm and placid and biddable because Robyn has guided them from birth.  I have had Vizslas for 30 years and my two Metropolis Vizslas have exceeded my expectations in every way.

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