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What You May Like To Know About Us
The principal of Metropolis, Robyn Hanney, was Head of Due Diligence during her career at Australia’s premier commercial law firm for over 20 years.  Her skills in due diligence and project management were internationally regarded.  Ms Hanney’s attention to detail and diligence in investigating issues has informed her selection of breeding stock.  Metropolis and its puppy families benefit from Ms Hanney’s passion for education, her attention to detail and her communication skills. 
Metropolis partners with a number of professionals who are well regarded in their own fields, in order to benefit its breeding program and ultimately its dogs and their families.  Those professionals include experts in canine reproduction, veterinarians, animal behaviouralists.  See Our Key Partners (  4 of our dogs are owned by vets, which we consider the highest endorsement of our vizslas’ health and temperament.
Our success in showing and our reasons for showing are discussed on the main page About Us.
You will find information about our unique bloodlines and dogs at
Recognising the need for fresh bloodlines in order to retain healthy genes, we have imported semen from some of the most successful dogs in New Zealand and the USA, as well as importing our own dog from the UK in 2020.  Noone in the world has access to the genetics that we have in our pedigrees, although we have been honoured by some of the most successful breeders internationally importing dogs from us.
We don’t just provide our families with a pup. We give them a chance to learn what is involved in breeding and raising dogs, so that they welcome an animal that they feel they have been involved with since birth, and can continue the process and help their pup grow into a healthy well-balanced and well behaved dog.  We also offer complementary Zoom sessions with a BarkBusters Accredited Master Trainer, one as a group, the other our families’ discretion within 6 months of taking their pup home.  These sessions provide support with any training issues where perhaps the support we provide is not clear enough, or where families are embarrassed to ask for it, or simply to explore training matters outside our general experience.

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Robyn Hanney

Metropolis Hungarian Vizslas

E:  [email protected] 

M:  0410 60 4238


Note:  Due to being involved in numerous activities each day, email is a more reliable method for contacting us than mobile phone.  We generally respond within 24 hours.