Potential Homes For Our Dogs - Questionnaire

What We Need To Know About Potential Homes For Our Dogs (And Pups)

To obtain one of our pups, please read about our approach to selecting homes, and our selection criteria - http://metropolisvizslas.com/puppies.asp

If you think that you satisfy our priorities, please COPY the questionnaire below and email it to us completed with 
your answers.  We will then be in touch to suggest some dates for you to meet our dogs.

Due to our general employment workload, as well as our numerous dog and other activities, replying to emails can take us a few days.  We do our best to reply to all completed questionnaires.

Your Information - remember that you need to explain to us in a way that we can understand.  Telling us that you understand the roles of exercise, discipline and affection tells us nothing about what you understand those to mean.  The questionnaire is intended to reduce the amount of time we need to spend interrogating your answers.

1.  What dogs have you had previously had, and how was your experience with them?

2.  Why are you interested specifically in a Metropolis vizsla?

3.  What research have you done?  What is your understanding of the needs specific to Vizslas, including the roles of exercise, discipline and affection?

4.  What suburb and State do you live in?   How many people in your family that will live with the dog, and what are their ages?:

5.  Do you rent or own your home? 

If you rent, do you have written consent from your landlord to have a vizsla? 

What will happen if you have to move and are unable to find accommodation where dogs are permitted?

6.  Are you near a main road?  If so, how secure is your yard?

7.  What will the dog's living and sleeping arrangements be?

If you intend your dog to sleep outside alone, our dogs will not suit you.

8.  Do you have a preferred gender and why?

9.  Do you propose desexing your vizsla, and if so, at what age?

10.  Can you describe what a typical day in your dog's life would look like, from the perspective of a dog (what activities will it do, what will keep it engaged) from the time it wakes up until you all go to bed at night?

11.  Please send us photos of your yard/wherever the areas are that your dog will be spending time.  This enables us to see your proposed areas where the dog will be from the dog's perspective, and to provide helpful suggestions where relevant.

Contact Details

Robyn Hanney

Metropolis Hungarian Vizslas

E:  [email protected] 

M:  0410 60 4238


Note:  Due to being involved in numerous activities each day, email is a more reliable method for contacting us than mobile phone.  We generally respond within 24 hours.