"We had an excellent experience with Metropolis Vizslas, and are thrilled with our (not so little anymore) pup.  Robyn takes her role as a breeder very seriously; and it shows in the quality of her pups.  She has provided us with invaluable information about the breed and raising her dogs, and had a thorough vetting process to make sure that both the owners and the dogs were right for one another.  She provided almost daily updates as the pups were growing, and spent a lot of time with them doing behavioural training, loose leash walking and socialisation exercises.  Her puppy manual has become our bible, and the toys and other products that she recommended have been fantastic.  You won’t find a better breeder or someone more passionate about the Vizsla breed.  Thank you Robyn." - M. Evetts, Barrister, Supreme Court of NSW

Metropolis plans its litters years in advance.  

We prefer to meet with potential buyers and to compile a waiting list in anticipation of breeding.  This enables us to ensure that buyers have sufficient information, and are properly prepared for providing a home for life to a Metropolis vizsla.  It also removes any pressure or impulse buying associated with cute puppies, as opposed to the gorgeous adult dog you are likely to have for 12 – 14 years. 

 If you are interested in providing a home to a Metropolis vizsla, please email [email protected] (our preferred contact method) and complete the questionnaire provided on the About Metropolis Hungaria Vizslas - Potential Homes For Our Dogs - Questionnaire page of this website.  http://www.metropolisvizslas.com/potential-homes-for-our-dogs--questionnaire.asp?preview

These are our priorities in selecting homes:

•       Homes that understand the vizsla breed.  These may be people who have had a Metropolis or other vizsla previously.  Note that different bloodlines behave differently, and much of what people tell us they have heard about vizsla behaviour does not apply to our dogs.

•       People who have read expert literature.

•       People who have had discussions with either the NSW or Victorian Vizsla Clubs, or Dogs NSW.

•       People who otherwise demonstrate an understanding of the needs of the breed, including the balance needed between exercise, discipline and play for an animal bred to work closely with its owner in the field and be a companion apart from it.
•        People who provide detailed responses to our questionnaire and are prepared to wait until pups are available.  We are selective about our puppy homes because we care about both our puppies and their families having a good relationship and experience for life.
•        People who understand that being a good vizsla owner requires daily effort to exercise, feed, maintain nails, mentally engage and interact with the dog.  In this context, obtaining a pup should be expected to involve a bit of effort.
•       Ability for Metropolis and puppy families to interact respectfully and communicate clearly.  People who do not respect and value the efforts we invest in breeding and raising the best dogs we can are better not to apply.

We prefer not to publish photos of our pups until all have gone, or are close to going, to their new homes.  When possible, we organise professional photographers to photograph our litters, who provide photos and photo packages at a very reasonable price.  Photos on this site of our pups are generally of previous litters.  The photo on this particular page is by professional pet photographer Ruth O’Leary of Ruthless Photos, and is our first litter, with Ch Metropolis Avant Tout as a pup.


Contact Details

Robyn Hanney

Metropolis Hungarian Vizslas

E:  [email protected] 

M:  0410 60 4238


Note:  Due to being involved in numerous activities each day, email is a more reliable method for contacting us than mobile phone.  We generally respond within 24 hours.