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Potential Homes For Our Dogs

What do we need from you?

If you are interested in obtaining one of our pups, and you think that you satisfy our priorities, you will need to fill out our Application Questionnaire if you have not already done so.

We also have references available from Vets, our puppy families, and senior professionals including senior members of the police force, Olympic athletes, and Senior Counsel. Clearly we have no concerns about our doing things legally or to a high standard of excellence!

Jenni Staniforth in Victoria was Puppy Registrar for the Hungarian Vizsla Club of Victoria for many years. She is experienced in all aspects of agility, obedience and showing, and recently was awarded the Versatile Vizsla Award by the Hungarian Vizsla Club of Victoria for her activities with one of our dogs. Jenni has owned Vizslas for 30 years and has owned 3 Metropolis Vizslas. She is familiar with our dogs, our facilities, and our general approach.

If you are interested in a third party very experienced view on the breed generally or our dogs specifically, or wish to meet our dogs in Victoria, Jenni can be contacted at

Additional Information You May Find Useful

The most insightful and reliable expert text in relation to Hungarian Vizslas and particularly our dogs, in our view, is The Hungarian Vizsla by Gay Gottlieb (3rd ed), available for purchase in electronic form via Amazon. Photos of many of the dogs in our pedigrees, and information about them, are in this book.

Dogs NSW, the Hungarian Vizsla Clubs of NSW and Victoria can provide helpful breed information packs to give you a general overview of the breed and what is involved in owning one. They can also provide pricing information. You can also view good quality information about dogs generally and the breed from the UK Kennel Club –