Breeder Collaborations

We are fortunate to have had constructive relationships with a number of breeders over the years, and to have worked closely with a couple. We have found a few breeders from other breeds who have also provided helpful information.

Without doubt, other than Brian Neaves, the breeder of most significance to our kennels has been Pitswarren Kennels in the UK. They have been gracious with their knowledge, particularly taking account of their decades of experience as highly successful breeders and internationally well regarded judges. More than that, they have demonstrated the reliability and focus on the wellbeing of their dogs that we had been led to believe were fundamental qualities in all breeders.

Ponsonby Vizlsas have also been generous with information about their dogs and entrusting us with potential future breedings. There are several American breeders who have been helpful to us with respect to our queries in relation to American dogs that we have bred to.